Air Helmet Fresh air mask Aug05


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Air Helmet Fresh air mask

Air Helmet MaskThe goal in this project was to create a product that would work two ways. One was to set up a statement concerning air pollution and by its appearance make people even more aware of this problem. And the other one was to give people a chance to choose.
Since there are many existing solutions for this specific problem we noticed that each one of them violates human identity. All of them are constructed in such manner that they cover the users face and thus hiding it. This is something that can play a great role in degrading human relationships. So, it was found a better solution for this problem as well.
The CAIR air Helmet works pretty simple: picks the polluted air from behind and pushes it through the stream where it gets filtrated. After that, through the exhaust, it provides fresh clean air shower to the user.
The structure on the back presents the area where there is polluted air and how that structure fades the air gets filtered. Since we chose as our scenario Beijing as one of highly polluted cities and also the host of the Olympic Games 2008, the major inspiration for this was the Olympic pool constructed especially for this occasion.
The body came up as the most reduced and interesting form, still accentuating the statement that this product should make. Detaining all functional necessities as well.
And last but not the least is the visor – completely transparent leaving the face of the user entirely visible. It is very pleasant that fresh air can cover the whole face. When a user needs to approach his/her face the visor is easily lifted up and down.