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Xda Atom Pure (Limited Edition)

Xda-Atom-Pure White’s been “the new black” for yonks, and its reign appears to be everlasting as vendors embrace the colour more passionately than sixties teens embraced rock music.
The O2 Xda Atom is the latest device to be given a white makeover, with the new version being dubbed the “Xda Atom Pure (Limited Edition)”. It offers the exact same feature-set as the original Atom, with aesthetics being the only differentiating factor.
Clearly marketing the device towards the iPod generation, O2 says the Atom Pure “will give the fashion-conscious and young mobile professional the opportunity to be stylish and co-ordinate their wardrobe without having to compromise on the functionality of their mobile device.” The fact that handheld devices are so ubiquitous that they now have an impact on our personal image and sense of style is chilling, but few can argue with the Atom’s good looks.
It’s not all form and no function, however — some of the Atom’s more distinguishing features include a 2-megapixel camera, FM tuner, 2.7″ QVGA touchscreen, O2 Media Plus multimedia playback software and the Microsoft Office software suite.
According to O2, “only 1,000 units of the limited edition Xda Atom Pure will be available in Australia from end-April at a recommended retail price of AUD$1,229, inclusive of GST and a one-year local warranty. They will be available at Harvey Norman, Harris Technology and all major IT and phone retail outlets.”