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Opus 6 – Faithful to the spirit Harry Winston


The exceptional one and anything else , this tourbillon could not obviously be only one tourbillon. Bright proof that there remain still territories to be explored in the very high clock industry, this one thus joins together two technical prowesses. The first hides in the form even module: inclined with 30 degrees – from where its name Tourbillon Emotion 30° – which only the best clock and watch makers are capable to carry out.
Why 30 degrees? To allow the beam to permanently oscillate in all the plans (the compensation of the differences in walk due to the terrestrial attraction being limited more to the only vertical plane) and to offer to the watch a perfect precision. Second prowess: in addition to the posting of the hours/minutes and small second, by means of three counters, one in vain looks at, scans, passes the dial to the fine comb, one sees only the tourbillon.
Quite simply because the wheels are invisible, or rather because they were offset under the bridge masking all the right part of the dial! Harry Winston and Greubel Forsey thus succeeded in integrating this fantastic module into the Opus spirit, creating a watch virtuoso: the bridge is screwed on the bottom of the box, releasing the swirl of its traditional cage and offering to the sight a mechanism suspended of an absolute purity bus freed from the wheels which usually tend to the vampiriser.