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Nokia 8800 Aston Martin Limited Edition

Aston Martin and Nokia have announced the Nokia 8800 Aston Martin Edition. This exclusive iteration of the Nokia 8800 will be manufactured in strictly limited numbers, and features a discrete laser-etched ‘Aston Martin’ logo on the stainless steel casing. This is complemented by the words, now synonymous with Aston Martin, ‘Power, Beauty & Soul’, etched into the Nokia 8800′s unique stand-alone charging station, plus elegantly-designed packaging bearing the Aston Martin wings.
The Nokia 8800 is Nokia’s flagship phone, an elegant combination of the best quality materials and high technology. Beautifully proportioned, the Nokia 8800 feels right in the hand, whether open or closed. The slender stainless steel slider case has a weighty, machined feel, with the polished and brushed metal casing, juxtaposed with surgical-quality resin and finished with processes usually used in watch-making, offers a uniquely tactile experience. The bistable spring mechanism used in the sliding feature, which opens to reveal a concealed camera, uses ball-bearings more commonly found in high-performance cars, appropriately enough. Sliding open the phone is a precise and smooth movement takes just a fraction of a second. The colour display is protected by a specially toughened glass screen, adding to the premium feel.


The Nokia 8800 is a tri-band mobile telephone, offering a full colour 208 x 208 pixel display, complete with SVGA camera that offers both image and movie functions. In addition, the Nokia 8800 provides a digital music player with 64MB of internal memory. The Nokia 8800′s Bluetooth connectivity will synchronise with all Aston Martin models, allowing for easy operation through the car’s centre console and safe and convenient hands-free calling.
In addition to the Nokia 8800′s standard ring tones, which were created for the phone by award-winning composer Ryuichi Sakamoto, the Nokia 8800 Aston Martin Edition comes loaded with a selection of exclusive Aston Martin content, including a short documentary film, striking wallpapers featuring the company’s current range, a screensaver based on the famous crystal starter button found in all Aston Martin models, and ring tones that sample the evocative roar of the Vantage’s V8 engine