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The top 10 gadgets of CeBIT 2006

1. Nokia N92
Nokia’s N92 TV phone shows DVB-H transmissions on the go and in glorious high-resolution on its superb 2.8-inch display, complete with impressive audio quality and the ability to record live TV. The clamshell design opens both ways to reveal landscape and portrait use modes as well as an unusual yet comfortable keypad, also harbouring a decent 2 Megapixel camera; Wi-Fi connectivity and Bluetooth for stereo audio streaming or providing 3G connectivity to laptop users.
2. Creative Zen Vision
Scoring full marks in every category, Creative’s Zen Vision:M is the music player to have – unless, of course, one depends on iTunes. Superb audio quality joins a clear, crisp and bright 2.5-inch screen which not only makes light work of navigating but also video playback, even when scaled on-the-fly from resolutions larger than what its screen supports. Complete with high quality TV output for video, 30 GB of storage and support for a flurry of formats including WMA DRM, it’s worth every cent of its $350 USD asking price.
3. Sony Ericsson W950i
Retaining the first-class audio quality of previous Walkman phones, the W950i slaps an improved music interface with visual album cover navigation atop a hardware design nearly identical to the M600i, save for its use of a keypad as opposed to a thumbboard – thus negating use as a business phone. Although bested by the 8 GB Samsung SGH-i310, its 4 GB of flash memory should allow for considerably longer battery life – and despite its spacious storage and superb screen, the handset remains ultra-slim at 15 mm thick.
4. Samsung Q1
The poster device for Intel and Microsoft’s UMPC/Origami love child, Samsung’s Q1 is an itsy-bitsy tablet with a 7-inch touch-sensitive screen running Microsoft’s Touch Pack add-on for improved touch and stylus navigation atop Windows XP Tablet PC Edition 2005. Fitted with a 1 GHz processor, 30 GB hard drive and Wi-Fi connectivity, it excels at video viewing, web browsing and light gaming – but won’t be enhancing mobile productivity any time soon.
5. T-Mobile MDA Vario II
Not only on par with the T-Mobile MDA Pro as far as connectivity is concerned, T-Mobile’s new MDA Vario II chalks up just about any wireless standard under the sun including Bluetooth 2.0, Wi-Fi 802.11b/g, 3G and HSDPA. A snappy performer not much larger than its predecessor, the Vario, it also includes a redesigned yet highly comfortable thumbboard; a superb 2.8-inch touch screen; and a 2 Megapixel camera – all powered by Windows Mobile 5.0. Due out in the third quarter of 2006, price unknown.
6. Fujitsu Siemens LifeBook Q2010
Rear-ending its competition, the LifeBook Q2010 from Fujitsu Siemens measures in at exactly 1 KG, complete with a gorgeous – and scratch-prone – piano black finish. Add built-in UMTS and HSDPA support along with Wi-Fi 802.11a/b/g and Bluetooth 2.0 for unparallelled connectivity, a 1.2 GHz Intel Core processor, 60 GB of storage and a fingerprint reader, and you’ll quickly begin to understand why this ultraportable class act with a quality 12.1-inch widescreen display starts at €4,000 EUR this summer.
7. Samsung SCH-B600
Is it a phone with a camera or a camera with a phone? Undoubtedly falling into the latter category, Samsung‘s Korea-only SCH-B600 boasts a 10 Megapixel CCD sensor and a 3x optical zoom lens housed in a handset the size only a tad larger than the company’s SGH-i310 music phone. A typically glorious high-resolution, 2.2-inch display doubles as a viewfinder, while other functionality includes voice recognition software, document viewers and Bluetooth for wireless connectivity.
8. Panasonic 103-inch Plasma TV
For when big just isn’t big enough, there’s always Panasonic‘s 103-inch plasma TV. Although the company has no plans to commercialize production of the mammoth display, it has managed to wrest the title of world’s largest plasma TV away from Samsung, which falls a mere inch behind at 102 inches. Not only large but also high-resolution, the 103-inch display features full 1080p compatibility as well as support for picture viewing from SD cards.
9. Samsung YM-PD1
An improved version of the company’s existing portable video player, the YM-P1, the YM-PD1 adds DMB-T digital wireless TV reception to a mix that already includes an excellent 4-inch widescreen display, 30 GB of storage and support for virtually every audio and video format under the sun. Complete with TV recording and TV out, no other portable video player holds a candle to this entrant with the addition of DMB-T; not even the Archos AV700.
10. ASUS Lamborghini VX1 laptop
A perfect accessory for any yellow or black Lamborghini purchased by the nouveau riche gentleman engulfed in a midlife crisis, ASUS’ Lamborghini VX1 is promised to be a technologically superior notebook – but unfortunately, we were unable to confirm this claim as the models on display at CeBIT 2006 were handily kept out of reach. Still, there’s no denying that its design is among the most impressive yet to be seen in a notebook; a statement which may very well apply to its price tag, too.