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Queen Of Love by Zenith – art is a cry in the desert

A hot breath sweeps the plain. The sun splits the ground, the white light strikes the brown stone. Here, nature doesn’t lost its rights forever. With far is detached a proud silhouette overlapping a thoroughbred race. Warriors massed, sentinels of the desert, assemble the guard on the rock. Coppered skin, hair with the wind, it carries new the Baby Open Star Coils. Small last of the range, it comes S? to add to the Open Star, the stop watch become in the whole world of female emblem of Manufacture ZENITH. Whereas its large on reveals in its heart the exhaust of the gauge El Primero, the Baby Open Star Coils shelters in a case reduced to 32 mm a new automatic movement Elite 68. Placed in a design dedicated to the love, it palpitates, valiant, proudly exhibant its small second in the shape of heart which makes a full rotation on itself in one minute. Round like the curves of femininity, it proposes a new interpretation with the removed from rim partition of passion: a removable bracelet of force out of oiled silk, oversize indices, a fleshier heart, a softened case. Condensed, but always also burning, it speaks about love, with tenderness.


To the colors fetishes of the red range passion, major black or luminous white are added in limited series the 2006 beige sands, purple Parma and the brown ZENITH, out of Star as in Baby Star. On the models in yellow gold or pink, the dial becomes animated in folded sun and a shiver undulates under the ice sapphire. On the glasses, a setting glance lights the fire of the desire.
Always also daring, the range associates happiness the spirit Manufacture and a creativity in freedom. It affirms high and strong that the beauty and the intelligence can cohabit, and that insolence is possible when it allots absolute quality. Because one can face the codes of the propriety only in only one condition: a perfect technique been useful by an exemplary know-how.