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Baccarat beauty behind reason

Founded in 1764 by King Louis XV, Baccarat has been one of the finest crystal makers in the world for centuries. Baccarat crystal, known as “The Crystal of Kings” is world renowned for it’s clarity, brilliance, and uncompromising standards. Their home decor collection includes vases and candlesticks.
For more than 230 years, Baccarat has personified a certain image of French culture all over the world. Throughout the centuries, crystal signed by Baccarat has become synonymous with the social graces. Today, only the rigor of Baccarat’s know-how is able to meet the quality demanded by oenologists.
Baccarat glasses are a source of pleasure for both the eyes and the hand, and they meet the requirements for taste and aroma enhancement so that tasters can better appreciate wines.
Baccarat crystal refines the transparency of the glass with clarity. Enhanced by light, the chromatic nuances of wines are unveiled as they reveal the density of their color. When wine is swirled in the glass, legs adhere to the bowl; their more or less pronounced aspect gives an initial idea of the alcohol content of the wine or spirit.
The amplitude of the bowls, specially designed for focused wine-tasting sessions, is suited to the ideal approach of a wine’s unique aromas. The taster is therefore able to unlock the wine’s personality revealed by the bouquet. The grape variety, year and region… are gradually revealed as the nuances of the aromas move through fruity, gamey and spicy gradations.