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Hunting World an luxury attitude for your luggage

From one man’s love of adventure and passion for wildlife conservation came the inspiration for Hunting World. His years of designing and manufacturing gear for his safari clients had uniquely prepared him for his next venture: Hunting World. After all, he lived the adventure and had first hand knowledge of what was needed. Most importantly, he knew what had worked. Mr. Lee’s innovations in safari equipment continue to be the standards by which other designs are judged. But, that’s not where the story stops.
Hunting World no longer focuses on safari gear. The same quality Bob Lee brought to the safari products today produces high end handbags, duffles, and luggage for today’s urban adventurers. All Hunting World products are produced with quality components, like the handmade Italian leather bags of the Battue Leather Collection.
From the very beginning, Hunting World has been dedicated to designing the highest quality products. But, more than that, our team shares a dedication to conservation, exploration and education. Our philosophy is best expressed by our logo, the tuskless baby elephant, a symbol of rebirth and renewal.
Today, Hunting World creates the products to accompany you on every adventure of your life. Live the Adventure Today.


From 1955 through 1965, Bob Lee, our founder, led expeditions into 17 countries in Africa and established a safari outfitting company called “Lee Expeditions, Ltd.”
In 1965, due to a civil war in Angola, he closed his business, came back to New York and established “Hunting World Inc.” He turned his considerable talents and passion for quality to designing and manufacturing outdoor sporting goods.
Over the last 40 years, Hunting World’s beautifully designed, functional, high quality luggage, leather goods, apparel, watches, ties and scarves has gained popularity on an international scale.
The Hunting World collection has continued to grow through today. Our leather goods are manufactured in Italy and bring the same quality craftsmanship which our founder, Bob Lee, demanded from the very beginnings of Hunting World’s products.
Hunting World continues to design for function and timeless beauty. A handbag from one of our core collections, like Battue Leather or Galcier, will look as stylish in ten years as it does today. Or, if you prefer a trendy bag with attitude, you will find a large selection available in our many seasonal collections.