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Fashion and Art with Versace


. A Man, a Genius of the Mode and Arts? This is the name of an expo which will take place with the Museum Mazzucchelli (Museum of the mode and the Costume) in Mazzano, in Italy, of the May 5 to October 29,2006. A sampling of clothing, will accessories, of drawings, tables and sculptures carried out by Gianni Versace reveal influence arts on its work of designer. The expo develops around four topics: Antiquity/Form (how it is inspired by the clothing worn in Did antiquity), Iconography of the Jellyfish (Versace make this image official emblem of the house), Modern art/Color and Form (small parts and details borrowed from XVIme century) and Contemporary art Warhol, Delaunay, Dines and Caldes (for example dresses inspired by Andy Warhol). A voyage with heart and inspiration, one of the largest dressmakers of the Xxme century.