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New luxury spring / summer Poetic Journey collection

“When a butterfly gently touches your cheek, it could be a tender kiss from God.”
This is how poet Christopher Tafeit describes the magic of these wonderful creatures, considered nature’s heralds of spring.
Drawing on Swarovski’s heritage influenced by the naturalist art movement around the late 19th century, six new butterflies have been created by Elke Kumar to extend the Silver Crystal line. They belong to the “In the Secret Garden” theme and are part of the spring / summer Poetic Journey collection.
Apart from the clear crystal version, the butterflies sparkle in Jonquil, Violet, Light Amethyst, Light Peridot and Light Azore faceted crystal. It is the first time that the Silver Crystal line is carrying figurines in fully coloured crystal.
A metaphor for happiness, renewal, lightness and joie de vivre, these butterflies also symbolise the metamorphosis of crystal. From its first cutting to the last finishing details, a cut crystal creation emerges as a beautiful object in delicate colours, delighting the senses.