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Clive Christian- Return to splendor

Clive Christian boutiqueThe architectural detailing of many older homes is a large part of their appeal – but the grandeur doesn’t always carry through to the kitchen. Often the last rooms to be considered in the original design process, kitchens in older homes are often poorly designed and impractical.
Such was the case with the existing kitchen in this home. There was poor appliance placement – the fridge-freezer was a long distance from the main counter and sink. There was also very little storage, and no room for a television. In addition to the poor layout, there was no significant feature to draw the eye in.The owner, who had been a fan of Clive Christian kitchens for some time, commissioned a custom kitchen that would transform the room, in both a visual and practical sense.
This is the Alpha range of Bespoke Kitchen Furniture from Clive Christian – and you can see why it’s already being called the “moonlight kitchen”.
The dramatic moonlight effect is created by bespoke blue LED lighting built in to the furniture – designed to be a permanent feature when daylight fades and electric light is too severe.
Clive Christian say that Alpha bespoke kitchen furniture was inspired by the decadent mood of Stanley Kubrick’s film Eyes Wide Shut. Love it or hate it, this ground-breaking new direction for Clive Christian certainly mirrors the dramatic visual impact of the film.

Alpha Kitchen

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