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AMVOX2 Chronograph Concept – The advent of the stop watch with vertical release

New watch AMVOX2 Chronograph Concept stresses the partnership between Jaeger-LeCoultre and Aston Martin by an exceptional creation. True concept, the watch creates a revolution with its stop watch with vertical release by rocker of the case, patented Jaeger-LeCoultre. Does this clever mechanism allow the starting, the stop and restoring by simple pressures on the ice sapphire of the watch. Series limited out of titanium and steel, its esthetics high-tech and its performances of high flight make the absolute watch of pilot resolutely of it.
AMVOX2-Chronograph-Concept This wonder without precedent, guarantor of an ease and a quite simply brilliant ease of use rests on a very new mechanism integrated in a revolutionary watchcase. Inside, an astute system of kneecap ensures the swivelling of the unit made up of the box and the glasses compared to the horns of the watch. This system actuates a series of levers which transmit instantaneously impulses to control the stop watch. Each lever is assembled on a miniature bearing stainless with 7 balls of a diameter of 0,1 Misters a device of selection comes to supplement this revolutionary construction: on does the side of the case at 9 a.m., a cursor with three positions make it possible to lock, with choice, the whole of the orders of the stop watch or only the restoring to prevent that an involuntary gesture does not cause release.
Performances to cut the breath watch AMVOX2 Chronograph Concept has a high degree of mechanical inventiveness, with qualities of reliability, robustness, longevity and precision which are the most remarkable characteristics of the Jaeger-LeCoultre mechanisms. In their field, the clock and watch makers and engineers of Manufacture push researches of a comparable nature: equipped with the new Gauge Jaeger-LeCoultre 751B, AMVOX2 Chronograph Concept indicates a temperament out of the commun run. The reserve of 72 hours walk still increases the beach during which the watch functions with an optimal precision. The complex coils with top-of-the-range columns and the very elaborate vertical clutch which guarantee the precision of the stop watch. The adjustment of the inertia of the beam by the presence of four screws on its serge ensures the stability of the adjustment under all the conditions. Lastly, the bearing of the rotor has ceramics balls.