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Selling an island-today “Montego Caye”

Location: This tropical island is situated in the Caribbean and belongs to Belize, a parliamentary democracy in Central America. A member of the British Commonwealth, Belize pursues a friendly policy towards foreigners, particularly welcoming investment from abroad.
Size: Ownership of the entire 93 acres (total land area is 96 acres; 3 acres are owned by locals)
Description:Montego Caye lies just 500 feet from the second largest barrier reef in the world. The sheltered location off the Barrier Reef – the longest in the Americas – provides ideal water and fishing sport possibilities. Coral formations and crystal clear ocean water have brought about a unique marine flora and fauna. Among the fish are found tarpon, bone fish, king mackarel, snappers, jew fish, wahoo, rock fish, groupers and lobster.
The island is presently undeveloped. However, there are practically no building restrictions and building material, as well as reliable workers are easily obtainable on the mainland.
Here one enjoys a tropical climate. The average temperatures are between 73.4�F and 80.6�F (23�C and 27�C), ideal for the sun seekers. Throughout the year a refreshing sea breeze offers a pleasant counterbalance to the intensive sun rays.
The island has 1,800 feet of beachfront on the east side and 1,500 feet of beachfront on the west side. Vegetation is mainly made up of mangrove. This part of the Caribbean is still completely unspoilt.
Price: USD 9,000,000
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