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First 39 Mpix DSLR camera

H2D-39-cameraThe H2D-39 is the world’s first high-end, digital auto-focus camera based on a 39 million pixel sensor. The H2D-39 is designed around the Hasselblad H2 camera and is completely compatible with the H system range of central shutter lenses, the most advanced high-performance lenses in the world. The H2D-39 also includes a range of extended digital features including digital APO Correction technology and Instant Approval Architecture.The Hasselblad H2D-39 brings the highest level of integration and flexibility to the professional photographer.
XXL Quality: 39 million pixels
Getting the most from every lens: digital APO correction
Unique Hasselblad RGB color profile
DNG File Format
Instant Approval Architecture
Three modes of operation and storage
“Instant” user interface
FlexColor workflow for the specialist commercial photographer