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SensiTile technology allows various materials to react to changes in light intensity and color. Using the same principle that makes fiber optics possible, the embedded light-conducting matrix in a SensiTile material either reconfigures the shadows that fall on it or redirects and scatters any oncoming light. In an environment with ambient light, any movement around the material that casts shadows will produce a set of “ripples” on the material’s surface; while in darker environments, any beam of light falling on a SensiTile is redirected to emerge from another part of its surface.

SensiTile can be combined with a range of materials, including concrete, polymer, and resin, to be incorporated into flooring, walls, facades, countertops, and partitions. Last year, in collaboration with Zaha Hadid Architects, SensiTile won the “Boulevard der Stars” competition in Berlin to develop a series of plaques honoring German film stars.
Composed of a propriety micro-concrete mix within which a light-conducting fiber-optic like matrix is embedded; SensiTile Terrazzo blends the durability of concrete with the latest in optical technology. These amazing hand made tiles invite you to touch and interact with them as they infuse the organic stone-like feel of concrete with a marvelous technological surprise. Rediscover the playful tactility of a child by giving your surroundings a gentle touch of magic.
Terrazzo tiles are extremely versatile and can be used almost anywhere including floors, walls and countertops. SensiTile Terrazzo tiles are available in several different sizes and thicknesses to suit your application.
Terrazzo is available in ten standard colors and we also have the ability to custom pigment the tiles.