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Space for Outstanding Personalities

At the Mondial Automobile 2004 in Paris, Mercedes-Benz unveiled four new vehicles to experts, the press and the general public. The presentation aimed to highlight the vision cars, without upstaging the production launches. Film, lighting and audio interacted to create a succession of new moods that underscored the personalities of the individual products, ensuring that the real stars were the new cars. Inside the booth, media feeds to three towers created large-scale projection areas, and projecting the themes outwards in the form of images and text. Cutouts in the crystalline metal ‘skin’ of the towers revealed glimpses of the LED panels beneath, creating a fascinating blend of sharp and soft focus. The exhibits, screens and graphics used to communicate in-depth information on premiere themes were integrated into the towers to become part of the architecture. The innovation, passion and quality inherent in the product personalities united to create a self-assured overall brand appearance.