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HP Photosmart 375 Portable Printer

The HP Photosmart 375 is the first truly portable photo printer on the market. Battery-driven and sized for carrying, the HP 375 prints 4×6-inch images anywhere at anytime—no PC or external power source required. Through user research and iterative testing of functional prototypes, the team derived several innovations. With the touch of a button, setup automatically occurs (the power turns on, the front and rear trays open and the LCD screen zooms into position), reducing the error and frustration of the past when these tasks were done manually. The large, articulating, full-color LCD screen facilitates easier photo previewing and selection. Further, the custom battery and new internals gave this printer truly portability—compact, lightweight (3.8 pounds), easy to grasp and carry. This has been among the most successful product launches in HP’s history, far exceeding sales expectations by nearly five times.
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