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Innovative Burton outerwear performance meets leading Bluetooth technology from Motorola.

Seamlessly manage your music and mobile phone from a control panel, with backlit digital display, located externally on your sleeve.
•One-touch phone control including voice dial, receive and end a call and mute function via Bluetooth wireless connection between your jacket and phone
•One-touch iPod control, including playlist, artist, album and track navigation, volume up/down and play/pause/stop via an intuitive click wheel style button
•Removable control panel, speakers, mic and rechargeable battery
•Compatible with any brand of Bluetooth 1.1 or 1.2-enabled mobile phone that supports “headset” or “hands-free” Bluetooth profiles
•Compatible with any Generation 3 or newer iPod with Docking Connector (Excluding iPod Shuffle)
Burton and Motorola have launched the Burton Audex line of winter jackets (US$600 sans iPod or RAZR) with a hidden network of wired and Bluetooth connections that let you take mobile calls while listening to an iPod on the slopes. A sleeve LCD panel features caller ID and track controls.
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