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The Total Home Manager

Control all your home systems from a single point of access
They work with a variety of systems, including our popular HAI controllers
More interactive than keypads and more convenient than PC control
Available for in-wall or hand-held applications
For in-wall use, the Companion 6 HomeManager, which offers homeowners an affordable single point of access to all home systems, including media, environment, security, lighting, audio/video control and communication — all at the touch of a fingertip on this simple and stylish interface. This robust in-wall IP-based touchscreen can be placed at the front door, hallway, kitchen, theater or anywhere you need convenient access to home services.
The Companion 6 HomeManager offers one-touch buttons for instant access to favorite tasks, like dimming the lights, checking security cameras, or turning on the spa and music. The touchscreen's plug-and-play interoperability with home systems offers unparalleled capability right out of the box.