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lockheed lounge miniature by vitra

lockheed-lounge-miniature-by-vitra This Lockheed Lounge miniature is from a limited edition of only 500 pieces worldwide. Produced by Vitra with amazing detail, it even includes the 1800 rivets from the sheet metal, just like the large original Lockheed Lounge Sydney-born designer Marc Newson is one of the most accomplished and innovative designers of recent times. The Lockheed Lounge was designed in 1986 for POD, Australia. The stylistic influences on Marc Newson’s work are just as difficult to categorise as his approach to design and production. For instance, the lines of the Lockheed lounge were inspired by the scrolling neoclassical features of the chaise lounge on which Madame Recamier gracefully reclines in Jacques Louis David’s famous painting of 1800. Miniature version of the lockheed lounge chair designed by Marc Newson in 1986. This spectacular miniature is made with sheet metal and shows detail of 1800 rivets (just like the fullsized one) even though it’s just a few inches tall.All Ergonomic Chairs of 500 pieces.