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Crystal DIY set for your phone

Poor old ASOS had a bit of fun recently thanks to a rather large problem at the neighbouring oil depot. But the company is back in business again now and selling thesephones DIY Swarovski ( www.swarovski.com ) crystal kits so you can bling up your mobile as per Ms Hilton. The kits are a whole lot cheaper than some you’ll find out there, costing just 22 of our British pounds. Apparently, Crystal Rocks, the brand responsible, is a favourite of trustafarian aristos, Tara Palmer Tomkinson and Lady Isabella Hervey. Whether that makes them more or less appealing is hard to say, though I suspect it may well be the latter of the two options. I’m fairly certain that if I attempted to Bling my Own Ring, as it were, there would be more crystals glued to my hands and face than my mobile by the end. Oh, and by the way, they also sell that in the pic.