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BlueTrip – Wireless Bluetooth Audio for iPod

Blue TripBlueTrip delivers the pristine CD-quality sound that iPod users desire in a high-quality home stereo environment. Using Bluetooth technology, BlueTrip can transmit up to 30 feet away from your stereo, without the traditional barriers of line of sight, walls, ceilings or windows that limit other remotes. With BlueTrip, you are free to roam and jam.

Your iPod equipped with BlueTrip effectively becomes the ultimate remote, with every control at your fingertips, and any song at your whim. BlueTrip draws its power directly from the iPod — no batteries or extra cables required.

The BlueTrip receiver's stylish design makes it a welcome addition to any entertainment center. With RCA plugs as well as optical and headphone output, it can integrate into any stereo configuration.

BlueTrip Technical Specifications
• Range: Approx. 10m (33ft.)
• Frequency Used: 2.4GHz
• Audio Ports: Stereo RCA, Stereo minijack, optical S/PDIF
• Receiver Power: 12v DC (power supply included)

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